Hey, I'm Gabby Derosier

Account Coordinator at Largemouth Communications

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- Class of 2021

Public Relations/Political Science Double Major & Information Science Minor

My Clients

Below are companies I've worked for professional and through my coursework at UNC-Chapel Hill:

My Skills

Below is a brief explanation of the skills I developed throughout my coursework and work experience:

Survey Building

As someone interested in research methodologies, I have created surveys for different political science and public relations purposes. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out not just what to ask, but the best way to ask it.

I have created surveys using Qualtrics to...

  • To evaluate the value of new recovery amenities, such as cryotherapy, gauge consumer satisfaction, and discover potential expansion points at Ascend Performance and Recovery.
  • To measure brand awareness of the Chapel Hill CrimeStoppers among Chapel Hill residents and pretest logo designs.
  • To find out how celebrity collaborations affect their affiliated brands.
  • To test my hypothesis about how partisanship affects polarization.
  • To understand the relationship between minority representation in state legislators and state-level family planning policies.

Computer Programs

Between my coursework in public relations and information science, I have gained experience with several different computer programs and confidence in technical abilities.

I have used...

  • Basic SQL
  • Canva
  • Basic HTML
  • CSS
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Filmic Pro Mobile Video

Campaign Planning

Through the UNC Hussman School of Media and Journalism, I have planned several public relations campaigns. I love the process of campaign planning from understanding the client's needs to merging secondary and primary research with creative strategies and tactics.

I have planned a campaign for...

  • Carolina Adapts Toys for Children with the goal of building the nonprofit's brand identity by developing a more substantial online presence and providing it with an accessible and ready-to-use public relations toolkit to support future marketing initiatives.
  • The Chapel Hill CrimeStoppers with the goal of creating accessible, educational materials that communicate a cohesive mission supplemented by local crime statistics to increase awareness of what nonprofit is and how to use its services.
  • The Make-A-Wish Foundation with the goal of increasing awareness for the nonprofit by positioning Make-A-Wish as a person's first choice for charitable donations.

Focus Groups Development

To supplement my survey findings, I had the opportunity to formulate and conduct focus groups. It's exciting for me to get a chance to go beyond numbers and gain deeper insights by analyzing everything from the body language of the room to what sparks a group discussion.

I have conducted a focus group to...

  • Pretest campaign ideas and logo designs for the Chapel Hill CrimeStoppers.
  • Understand how celebrity scandals affect their affiliated brands.